About Us

All dams and sires at Shady Hill are from quality stock, AKC registered and genetically tested in hopes of breeding the best high quality, healthy puppies possible - who can, in turn, live long and healthy lives providing love and companionship to their owners and forever families. Shady Hill strives to provide happy, healthy, sound, and well socialized puppies with great temperaments, beauty, and confirmation.

All of our puppies, sires, and dams are on a very strict medical program including: all recommended vaccinations, oral medications, along with scheduled parasite, flea and tick control. All adult dogs and puppies are fed a high quality, high protein dog food - applicable to their stage in life and growth cycle.

To accomplish this: extra costs are incurred along with extra work, each day. But I believe it is worth the additional effort. I cannot image anything much worse than purchasing a loving, warm, cuddly puppy then subsequently loose it to a congenital defect, disease or other health issue - that should have been prevented by making wise breeding decisions and providing a strong medical treatment program for all puppies and adult dogs. That would be a truly horrible experience, and one I hope neither of us will ever have to go through.

Shady Hill works to provide quality puppies - in hope they will go to loving homes, where they will be life long companions to work and play with, along with being your best friend and a loyal family member.

I hope you and your puppy will have a long, happy and healthy companionship for many years to come!

Please – before purchasing any puppy (regardless of the breed)- take the time to thoroughly research the breed of puppy you are interested in to make absolutely sure it is the type of dog that will fit into your lifestyle, living accommodations, and family.

About Us